Opening Balance – +80 euros

Tuesday 17th August 10.00am – 15.00pm

Panorama 2 x viewings had to open up 1 hour before. 5 x hours 200 euros.

Thursday 19th August – 2nd viewing Panorama – Jules – 3pm – 6pm – 3 x hours 120 euros.

Wednesday 25th August – All upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms emptied. Floor sanded with wire wool, then a sealant plus a layer of marble crystallization.

Furniture replaced. Total: 62m2 x 12 euros m2  = 744 euros.

Roger 2 x hours to open and close up. – 80 euros.

Friday 27th August viewing – Francisco – Talya & David Bodenstein – London. Awful people!! Critical of everything.  – 3 hours – 120 euros.

This week:

Collect Merc weds 2 people – 40 euros

Mercedes ITV Thursday at 8.20am ( including test fee) – 88 euros

Return car to Sant Clara  – 2 people – 40 euros

9th September – viewing Diana Morales – Eilee & Nada Elhani from Kuwait. Cancelled 10 mins before viewing, as they realised they needed a PCR test to return home on Saturday. – 2.5 hours – 80 euros

10th September – viewing Diana Morales – Eilee & Nada Elhani from Kuwait. 2.5 hours – 80 euros

Friday 17th September – 12.30 Francisco – Karan Bhatia

1.30  – Alfonso Panorama – Serge Van der Heyden

2nd client was an hour late. In total 5 hours – 200 euros

Monday 20th September – 2nd viewing for this Karan. His builder friend came and just moaned about it had no underfloor heating at least 20 times. Man was a fruitcake. Loco – 3 hours – 120 euros

Thursday 23rd September. Francisco’s client – Manuel Yañez and Michelle Yañez-Bowker. They cancelled the appointment 40 mins before viewing. I was already at Nagueles. 1 hour – 40 euros

25th September. Meet new gardener at San Pedro, Give him keys and show what needed doing. 2.45 hours – 98 euros  

Coming on Monday to do gardening. Never turned up!!!

Weds met the idiot gardener and get back the keys. 2 hours – 80 euros

Saturday – 2nd October – 2nd gardener. He does the adjoining villa. Show him everything. 2.45 hours – 98 euros  

This guy is good. 200 per month San Pedro x 2 month the pool.

Monday – 4th October – Viewing – Natasha from Panorama. Agneta Winberg and Stefan Andersson. Villa got too much sun for them!!

plus meeting with next door neighbour whose wall is bowing. She is an architect and complained to the Ayuntamiento. 3.5 hours – 140 euros

7th October – Maria from Diana Morales – Sarina Sakhuja – Not for her. 2.5 hours – 100 euros

Total: 2468 euros

5000 Stefan sent – Credit

14th October – 3.30pm – Francisco – client – Snezhana Dimova and Jason Hawkings  Hours – 2.45 – 110 euros

19th October

12.00pm – Amanda E&V – client – Niall Hoey.

1pm – Francisco – client – Mona and Stian Giskegjerde.  Total 4 Hours – 160 euros

20th October – 1.00pm – Amanda E&V –  CANCELLED

21st October – 2.00pm Bianca Panorama – client – Alex Melis and Antonela Merello.  3 Hours – 120 euros

22nd October – 12.30pm Francisco – client – Feli Brunner and Bram Van Arkel  3 Hours – 120 euros

28th October paid gardener for San Pedro – 200 euros

9th November – 3.30pm Ixema – LEM Real Estate – Cyril Arar from Abu Dhabi – 3 hours – 120 euros

10th November – 10.40am Diane Crystal Shore Properties – client Shireen Pope – 3 hours – 120 euros

18th November – Paid Luis Gardener Santa Clara 3 meses up to end of November – 150 euros

19th November – Site meeting with Andrea neighbour wall and also about plans to legalise.

Note: Also pencilled in to meet Luis and this Karen re marketing the villa. Did not show Total – 2.5 hours – 100 euros

23rd November – Let cleaner in. Small repairs to drive. Met Luis and Karen re: marketing – 3.75 hours – 150 euros

Small clean – 60 euros

Total – 1290 euros

29th November

Pay Jose – gardener at San Pedro – 200 euros

Viewing Engel &Volkers Amanda – client – Lana Avash (45 mins late)

Show villa to: Victoria KMM Property -She had phoned Claire. total for both 4 hours – 160 euros

Bought Mail box for outside the property – fitted – 84 euros.

TOTAL – 444 euros

7th December viewing – Francisco Florida Real Estate – Client: VASKEN TEKAYAN –  Gave Francisco a set of villa keys as I was in Toledo. I de-activated the alarm for him.

9th December – viewing with Alina from Prime Property – Client Oscar Ottersed – re-scheduled from last Friday. Cancelled again 1 hour before viewing. Already had got to Marbella!! – 1 hour = 40 euros

15th December. 10am viewing with Kent from Nordica. Sent them a pin of the location day before. They have viewed it from outside so want to view inside. Per & Madelaine Jonsson from Sweden. Looks promising3 hours = 120 euros

17th December. On arrival at the villa found all internal lights on! 7 days they had been on. Francisco!!!

17th December – Linda KMS Property – 11am. Clients name- Dieter Schmidt – RESCHEDULE NEXT MONDAY AT 11AM – 2.5 hours = 100 euros

18th December – Fransisco Florida Realty – 11am – Client – Pamela Pamgallo – cancelled

End of month:

gardener San Pedro – 200 euros

gardener Santa Clara – 50 euros

Front gate temporary repaired – 110 euros

Roger 1 hour – 40 euros

TOTAL – 660 euros

Running Total 4862.00

January 2022

Santa Clara gardener paid – 50 euros

5th January – Victoria KMS property- 2nd viewing with German client Dieter Schmidt – and his brother. 3 hours 120 euros

Wednesday 11th January. 9.30am – 2.30pm – 200 euros.

  1. Meet painters for repairs to walls and villa after 2nd rainstorm. Price of work – 180 euros.
  2. 2 x viewings – Fransisco – Client sexy Pamela Pamgallo Italian and Alejandro E@V – German agent Horst and Marta Phillip.

Wednesday 11th January. Got home 3.15pm to receive call from Amanda E& V to say German client from the morning wanted to view again. Also she had a Swiss client to view. Name – John Jacob& Marina. Swiss client showed up for viewing with Amanda at 4.30pm. 2.5 hours – 100 euros

Monday 24th January E@V Amanda 1pm Client Erik Garcia. good clients. 45 mins late for viewing. 3 hours 120 euros

Tuesday 25th January. Meet neighbour and landscape gardener, regarding alterations to adjoining wall. Also get price for vines etc and  wall climbers and build another large planter on the drive right side. Landscape company – Beatrice de Perlac. 2.5 hours – 100 euros

Wednesday 26th January. Viewing with Paivi from Nordica Marbella. 12pm – Client never turned up and cancelled.

Never paid Corrine Gestoria for visit to Marbella Ayuntamiento!

Paid. 100 euros

Gardener San Pedro 200 euros.

Total – 1170.00Euros

New balance: Minus 1032 euros

February 2022

4th February – Friday E&V 2 viewings with one being an offer. Also met other builder to measure up for work. 5 hours 200 euros

5th February – Saturday. Francisco  2.5 hours client – Naïma Amsif – husband Alfonso Iglesia. – 100 euros

8th February  Monday – 2.45 mins Ana Troyano  110 euros

9th February  Tuesday Victoria Edward Grootscholten  did not know the coast – 3 hours 120 euros

12th February Saturday. Meet xxx Measure up .  8am – 11.00am – 3 hours 120 euros

14th February – Monday Vedran Nordica Marbella – Yvette Aelbrecht Vilamoura 1.20 min viewing 3.5 hours 140 euros

17th February Thursday . 2 x viewings. Amanda E&V Facetime viewing  client made offer – 3 hours – 120 euros

2nd viewing  4pm E&V other client. Not good client  2.5 hours – 100 euros

21st February – Monday Rafael MarbellaIn Agency – Client Spanish-  Carmen Constantin y Fernando – 3 hours – 120 euros

21st February – Monday – Meet Alvaro to deliver pperwork. Constant dealing with E&V – Total 2.5 hours – 100 euros

Gardener Santa Clara – 50 euros

Gardener San Pedro – 200 euros

Week commencing 28th February. Meetings with Alvaro, conference calls. 2.5 hours – 100 euros

 -1580 euros this month .

Running balance minus 2612.00 euros 

MARCH 2022

7th March. Potential owner viewing at San Pedro. 3 hours – 120 euros

9th March. 4pm. Mateusz Drela  Francisco client. 3 hours – 120 euros

10th March. Marbella meeting with mortgage/ lawyers. Re not needing LPO. 2.5 hours. – 100 euros

Gardener San Pedro – 200 euros Sacked them.

Santa Clara Gardener – 50 euros paid already

TOTAL – 590 euros.

Running balance minus 3202.00 euros

Cash input from Stefan 5000.00 euros

New balance: 1798.00 euros

16th March. Brandon Marbella unique Properties. Client Chinaman Gang Huang. Client never showed – 2.5 hours.   – 100 euros

17th March . Chinaman again – 3 hours   – 120 euros

24th March. Jackie Crystal Shore properties. Client Youssaf Chihab. 3 hours  – 120 euros

Running total – +1458.00 euros

APRIL 2022

Viewing. Monday 4th April – 12.30. Francisco agent. Client – Gus Poyet and wife (footballer) . Likes villa very much. Viewing a couple more. Then 1 hour with new gardener explaining what needs doing every week. –  Total 4 hours. 160 euros.

Gardener costs – Weekly at the villa. 250 euros per month plus materials.

After 3 weeks of torrential rain we are hit with 3 x La Calima sandstorms from the Sahara in 7 days.

The villa, the pool, the gardens, trees and driveways are now orange.

Damp appears again on  3 elevations of the villa.

11th April. Clean the villa exterior walls to remove the orange sand and mud. 2 men all day. 280 euros

Viewing. Tuesday 12th April – Francisco. Client Rafael Martin – Cancelled after telephoning 20 mins after agreed meeting time. 2.5 hours – 100 euros.

Weds 13th April – Roger 5 hours cleaning part of the garden and part driveway. Bought 50 metre hosepipe and accessories – 73.00 euros

Viewing 13th April.  at 2.30pm. Christer from DM Properties. Client Indian. Kids nearly fell though upstairs terrace glass balustrade. 2 hours.

Total – 7 hours. 280 euros.

Viewing. Thursday – 14th April. 3.30pm Bella at Crystal Shore Properties – Client – Ashley Lidgard 3 hours – 120 euros.

Viewing. Friday 15th April. Client – Bianca Panorama Properties – Jan Jacobsen Denmark. Cookie manufacturer. Very interested, checking out San Pedro area. Wanted Banus but open to San Pedro. Has a place at Elviria. Great people. After viewing a further 2.5 hours hosing the drives again. Total 5.5 hours – 220 euros

Clive – Further work to follow as not finished. Needs damp course adding in kitchen side elevation. Otherwise damp will come through from the outside.

Viewing. Wednesday 20th April – 10.30 am: Rafael Martin rebooked with Francisco from no show on the 12th April. 3 hours – 120 euros.

Thursday 21st April. Santa Clara. Upstairs water leak. 3.5 hour to start clean and assessment. – 140 euros.

21st April. Clive – for damp repairs and other maintenance. see fotos – 210 euros

Viewing. Wednesday 27th April. 11am.  Francisco. Clients. Johan and Lisa Henckel. 3 hours – 120 euros.

Thursday 27th April. Clean and remove furniture at Santa Clara. 4 hours. 120 euros.

Paid Gardener San Pedro – 250 euros

Paid  Gardener Santa Clara – 50 euros

Viewing. Friday 29th April. 12.30.  Francisco. Clients. Paco Garcia – Late. She did not seem interested.

Veritas Security was supposed to come at 1pm. Turned up at 2pm. Full service of the alarm system. Total 4 hours – 160 euros. 

Running total – Minus 945.00

MAY 2022

Weds. 4th May San Pedro

9am – 3.30pm

Site meeting with next door neighbor before works starts.

Puertomatic technico to finish repairs to drive gate and the rail.

Meet gardener to pay for last month.

Viewing. with Scott from BestinSpain. Clients – Ben and Georgia Noifeld.

Check paperwork for the 2 infractions.

Put together webpage to describe mistakes and talk to Stefan and Alvaro.

Total time: 6.5 hours. 260 euros.

Viewing Saturday. 4pm. 7th July. San Pedro. Via Pro Guadalmina. Client. Pavel Yakukhin. 3 hours. Very good client. Just sold his property here. 120 euros.

Tuesday. 10th May. Meet Paco from the landscape company. Go over the start of the work for tomorrow. Gave keys and Mando. 2.20 hours. 90 euros.

Viewing. Thursday. 12th May. Helen from Mitchell’s Prestige Properties. Client. Amit Kainth. Video viewing client coming out in 10 days. 3 hours 120 euros.

Viewing. Saturday. 14th May. 11.30am Miriam from Marbella Living. Client. Mark & Linda Johnson. Liked it very much. Many questions.

3 hours 120 euros.

2nd Viewing. Tuesday. 17th May. 4pm Miriam from Marbella Living. Client. Mark & Linda Johnson. Many questions again. Here for over 90 mins. Made offer at full asking price. 3.5 hours 140 euros.

Thursday. 19th May. 8.30am. Get qualification on the work so far and show what this buyer wanted doing. Regarding lawn and irrigation. 2.5 hours 100 euros.

Running total – Minus 1895.00 euros

Still doing viewings as the reservation deposit has not been received!

Viewing Tuesday 24th May 12.30.  Luba from Key Properties. Client Belgium. Claudia Lenertz. Stupid women. 3 hours 120 euros.

Viewing Thursday 26th May 14.45.  Amanda E and V. Client Swiss/ Australian. Bacchus Van Loo. 3 hours 120 euros.

Viewing Friday 27th May 11.30.  Natasha from RocaBox. Client Polish. Elzbieta Dziewonska. 3 hours 120 euros.

Friday afternoon. 3 hours sourcing mirrors, lights, towel rails for potential buyer. 3 hours 120 euros.

Viewing Tuesday 31st May 14.30.  Anneli from iNordica . Client Patricia & Karel Costenoble.

Viewing Tuesday 31st May. Panorama Alina. Clients Irish. Mary Byron from Dublin. 4 hours. 160 euros.


Toldo apron for Santa Clara main bed terrace – 135 euros.

LED downlight bulbs for San Pedro – 60 euros

Site meeting San Pedro. 1 hour includes time at Santa Clara. 40 euros

Paid Gardener San Pedro – 250 euros

Paid Gardener Santa Clara – 50 euros

Running total – Minus 3070.00 euros

JUNE 2022

Wednesday 1st June.

Viewing: 12.15 Charlotte from RoccaBox. Leon Khani and family from London.
Viewing:3.15pm Juan Garcia from Nordica. Client. Cancelled 2 hours before.
Viewing:4.15pm. Francisco. With other agent. Client name. Eldur Ildar from Estonia
Fitted all new downlighter bulds inside the villa plus other bits.
Total. 7 hours. 280 euros

Thursday 2nd June. 11.45am Viewing. Francisco with other agent. Callum McLeod.
12.30pm Viewing. Alina again from Panorama. Great clients. – Possible 2nd viewing Friday morning!!
Total – 3.5 hours 140 euros.

Friday 3rd June. 15.45am 2nd Viewing. Alina again from Panorama. Made offer and transferred 10,000 euros to Panorama’s account via credit card.

Also another 1 hour with Sean the Sales Director at Panorama and talking to Stefan. Total 4 hours 160 euros.

Saturday/Sunday – 4/5th June. In discussion with Stephen from Marbella Living and the original buyer. Managed to get the sales price increased by 105,000 euros. Total 2.5 hours 100 euros

6th June. 3.5 hours in the morning contacting all agents to remove the villa listing. 1.5 hour conference call me, Stefan and Alvaro. Total 5 hours. 200 euros 
8th June. Wed. Meeting with the gardener on planting 3 trees for the Ayuntamiento fine . Meeting with the glass balustrades people. To reposition. Make good and safe and add brackets.
There cost is 235 euros. My time. 3 hours is 120 euros. Total. 355 euros.
9th June. Thursday. 2 hours in the evening discussion with the group and the gardener about 3 olive trees. Facturas. Ordering etc. 80 euros
10th June. Friday. Talking to gardener to price etc. 1 hour. 40 euros
12.15 Telephone call from Securitas to say alarm had gone off at San Pedro. A hand was photographed on the window. Drove down and met the police there. One of the gardeners had placed his hand on the window that triggered the alarm. 2 hours. 80 euros
Ordered new Facade bulbs for the outside villa lights – 62 euros

Luis Gardener Santa Clara – Paid – 50 euros

4617.00 Euros owed so far

10,000 euros from Stefan credit

New balance: 5383.00

23rd June. Tuesday. 3 enormous olive trees planting at San Pedro. Took all the photo’s down from inside the villa of when furnished and filled screw holes. 4 hours 160 euros.

Paid gardener San Pedro for June 250 euros

Also got him to plant around 48 small hanging vines in the bottom planter to cover the damp patches on the exterior of the planter. 150 euros

Clive, installed damp course to the kitchen side. Repaired 3 big cracks on the drive. Replace all facade exterior light bulbs. 470 euros

25th June – Saturday 7.30am – 12 noon. San Pedro. Cleaning up and making good 4.5 hours. 180 euros

27th June – Monday New Bed Base 635 euros

Cleaning materials inside – 40 euros

6 hours work San Pedro and Santa Clara – 240 euros

Clive, installed damp course to the lounge side. Will pay with next Mondays work.

TOTAL  NEW BALANCE – 3258.00 euros

JULY 2022

OPENING BALANCE – 3258.00 euros

1st July Friday . Meet Local Police regarding new trees. 10-30-11.00am appointment. 2.5 hours 100 euros

4th July. Monday Clive finishing off damp course plus all walls painting around drive, Main bedroom terrace etc. 2 days work including materials. 390.00 euros

4th July. Monday  12 noon. David window cleaner – 250 euros. Full window clean inside and out. 250 euros

Gardener San Pedro. Installing 15 metres of Green Hercules fencing to the top of the adjoining neighbours wall. Seeing the 1st landscaping company did not quote for that. Even though I asked for it! Had  massive argument with the bitch next door. Going to have to reduce the height by 40cm of the fencing. Cost so far – 475.00 euros

Roger – 7 hours at villa. 280 euros

5th July. Tuesday. Santa Clara
Mattress cleaning 80 euros. Dining room downlighter bulbs 20 euros.
Wash outside of villa again after new calima. Collect main bedroom toldo apron from suppliers.
Took drawer unit to carpenters, not worth repairing, new feet for it’s base 95 euros. Roger time – 3.5 hours 120 euros. Total 335 euros

6th July. Wednesday. Meeting San Pedro. Architect and surveyor for plans and infraction.  Meeting 5.30pm. 3 Hours 120 euros

7th July. Thursday. Spring clean villa internally.  Cleaners – 130 euros

Roger – 4 hours 160 Euros

8th July. Friday 4pm. Mark & Linda Buyers San Pedro. Site visit. 3 Hours 120 euros

Running Balance – 898 euros

13th July Wednesday – Santa Clara – Securitas Alarm. Yearly Service 9.00am 3 Hours 120 euros

Collect Mercedes for service. 2 people –  60 euros

14th July Thursday – Santa Clara – OliveNet install Fiber Optics.  9.15am CANCELLED

Mercedes Service – 280 euros

Return Mercedes from service. 2 people 60 euros

Luis Gardener Santa Clara – Paid – 50 euros

18th July – Santa Clara – 2 Hours 80 euros

Gardener San Pedro – 250 euros

Bed delivery Friday 22nd July 2.5 hours 100 euros
Monday 25th July. Santa Clara 4 hours 160 euros
Weds 27th July. Cleaners. 2 trips 3 hours 120 euros
Cleaners 170 Euros
Luis gardener Santa Clara 100 euros for August and Sept

MINUS – 652 euros


Monday 1st August – 4 hours meeting Stefan and Claire Monday. 160 euros

Claire Amazon firestick renewal – 60 euros

San Pedro Gardener – 250 euros

Bed mattress cover 25 euros

Weds 17th August. San Pedro meet decorator for price on planter making water tight. Remove existing paint. 2 coats of water repellent sealant and paint in grey to match other metal planter.

Then Santa Clara let in builder to make holes in basement ceiling to locate trunking cable boxes for fiber optics.

5 hours in total. 200 euros.

Builder Santa Clara including re plaster ceiling – 145 euros

Thursday. Pay decorator/my time at San Pedro. 50 + 230 = 280 euros

Running Total MINUS 1,772.00 euros

Foreseeable costs until end of October.

Santa Clara

Getting quotes for air con and toldo’s – 300 euros

De humidifier rental and floors finishing. 350 euros

Time whilst everything installed  450 euros.

Luis gardener – October 50 euros

San Pedro

Has to be done latest late September.

Driveway repaired / cleaning and 2 coats of paint. 2780 euros

38 x stainless steel new driveway lights installed – 1410 euros

My time – 280 euros

Gardener – September/October – 500 euros


Checklist for surveyors report:

Damp course done
Minor cracks filled and painted done
Air Con– done
Water boiler– done
Main bedroom balcony balustrades done
Internal lights – all working
External facade lightsall working
Driveway lights– 
Driveway needs painting.